Note: Somewhat flexible according to the pilgrim’s goals, but the following is a general guide, focusing on a daily Spiritual Principle (1 of 12):

Spiritual Principle for Monday: Hope & Balance

6:30AM- Wake Up and Light Breakfast, coffee/tea

7:15am- Morning Personal Reflection/Meditation time (with structure provided as needed by facilitators)

7:45am- Pack up & Gathering*

8:00am- Begin Walk, with guided questions for reflection and sobriety coach or partner conversation

9:30/10am- Pause for Mid-morning snack on trail / in local community, and group conversation

11:30am-12:30 Mid-day break & lunch, chat with fellow pilgrims from across the globe

Afternoon Walking portion

By ~3:30pm- Finish walking, arrive at Albergue/evening Accommodations 

4pm-6pm: Rest, shower, relax & optional journaling time

6-7:30pm: Dinner out, explore host community together and chat with fellow pilgrims**

8:30/9pm: Evening Debriefing, Guided Meditation on the Daily Spiritual Principle 

*Several mornings per week will offer optional Tai Chi or Yoga sessions, starting walk a bit later

**Some evenings (1-2 per week) will feature communal cooking with other pilgrims, depending on amenities and options within the host community that evening.