• From start to finish, we assist in planning and navigating the entire experience for first time pilgrims. We accept and celebrate all spiritual traditions, and work within the framework of 12 step recovery best practices. Logistics are also our responsibility. 
  • We offer weekly online training starting 2-3 months prior, to include logistical preparation.
  • Guides have over a decade of sobriety, have coached and sponsored others in recovery from drugs and alcohol at diverse institutions, and worked in retreat organizing.
  • We are grateful to be a small niche organization dedicated to 1:1 or small group work, and never outsource the solemn responsibility we have to each individual participant.
  • The pilgrimage leaves lots of time for reflective walking alone, with Mark or Bob, and other pilgrims on the path. We will discuss goal-setting through relationship building and the steps! This is a calling and not our jobs.
  • Mark and Bob are with you, every step of the journey and one step at a time.