Mark and Bob

Mark Lane-Holbert, PhD (c) is a trained Educational Psychologist and Logo-therapist (spiritual psychology of finding purpose/meaning, founded by Dr. Viktor Frankl) and APA Division of Addiction Psychology member. A former Franciscan, he practices meditate.- Mark’s passions are retreat ministry and 12 step work, he is a former Franciscan brother and counselor. He believes in run/walk therapy to transform body-mind-spirit. He has done recovery work with young adult groups in both residential living-learning communities and outdoor education environments, and is a certified mindfulness educator. 

Personal Toolkit: Mark has walked several routes of the Camino, as well as worked on staff at the “Pilgrim House” in Santiago de Compostela, Spain as a retreat leader and providing spiritual direction to many diverse groups. Mark has led retreats for groups of all ages throughout his career, and is an accomplished recovery meditation teacher with the online Insight Timer, the world’s largest mindfulness and meditation community. In the field of Educational Psychology (PhD Candidate), Mark Coordinates our crucial “period of preparation”, in which participants are guided through a rigorous routine of reflection, meditation and practices to prepare for the Camino experience. Mark also develops curriculum for and assists facilitating individuals and groups on Recovery Caminos, being a Spanish speaker. 

Society of Addiction Psychology (APA) division member, training in cognitive behavioral and Logo-therapy (spiritual psychology of helping individuals find latent meaning and purpose, regardless of any or no religious tradition). He combines run/walk therapy with all of the above.

“Just as the body needs food, so the soul needs meaning ,and the spirit need ultimate meaning. Often that meaning is communicated through story [we hear and tell ourselves].” -Richard Rohr

 Bob Shea, RN BSN holds a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing and brings music therapy into Dementia communities. Is also a certified Sober Coach. Having been through the “Big Book Step Study Process,” Bob brings hope into rehab and detox centers through the principles of Recovery. See also: His YouTube Page. –   A two time Cancer survivor, Bob is lifetime seeker of a healing spirit via professional and recovery activities. Bob found balance in life through serving others. This gift was first employed in training his students in the principles and practices of the Korean martial art Tae Kwon-Do. His love for service landed his focus in hospitality management where his job lead his interest in medical training as an EMT. Again pursuing his love of serving others Bob landed a job in the Emergency Room where this longing for service was tested in critical situations. At this level, he Entered Nursing school and commence in the art of healing via Nursing. After learning the guitar at 43 years old, Bob retired from nursing and found a bond and true love playing music in local dementia communities. His skills were illuminated in this context and he tapped into the two way energy transfer via music vibrations, smiles, humor and love. All this is intertwined with 12 step work. Bob is an Intuitive trainer/ educator and motivator for those who suffer from addictions, low self-esteem or energy. Understands the recovery process as a paradigm shift in consciousness, as well as the psycho-social and physical challenges of issues ranging from adolescence to our aging population.

From early on Bob intuitively sought out activities that balanced a hectic lifestyle; fly fishing, adventure sports, travel and hiking. 

Personal Toolkit: Pilgrimages in Portugal (2017), Spain(2018), Italy (2019), Spain (2021), Spain (Summer 2021), Portugal/Spain (Spring 2022). Bob is also an acclaimed poet whose work has recently been featured on “The Camino de Santiago” podcast and Running Anthropologist project. He regularly commits to Detox service work at community hospitals and local centers. As co-founder, Bob works to develop the Recovery Camino curriculum, itinerary, mission focus and guides / facilitates with every group.